Care Team


Dr. Bimbo Welker, DVM, MS
Director, Associate Professor - Clinical

Dr. Bimbo Welker serves as the director of the clinic. He received his DVM in 1980 from Texas A&M, and received his MS degree from The Ohio State University in 1984. After serving as large animal surgery section chief at Virginia Tech he returned in 1991 to the Ohio State University to head the program in Marysville.  He has been a practicing veterinarian and has taught veterinary students for thirty years. "I enjoy working with the clients and the students," says Dr. Welker. "I like animals, that's why I became a vet, but it's the people that make the difference." 

Dr. Martey Masterson, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVPM
Associate Professor - Clinical

Dr. Martey Masterson received her DVM in 1984 from The Ohio State University and her MS degree in 1989, also from The Ohio State University. She has been practicing veterinary medicine for 26 years, and teaching for 24 years. "I like the variety of the work and seeing all the different species," Dr. Masterson says. "I also enjoy the relationships I have with the clients."

Dr. Eric Gordon, DVM, Diplomate ACVPM
Assistant Professor - Clinical

Dr. Eric Gordon received his DVM from The Ohio State University in 1997, and has been a practicing veterinarian for 13 years. He has been teaching veterinary students for more than four years. "I really enjoy working with farm animals and farmers," says Dr. Gordon. "I enjoy seeing the animals where they are and helping the farmers and producers."

Dr. Randy Bond, DVM
Clinical Instructor

Dr. Randy Bond received his DVM in 2013 from The Ohio State University and his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree in 2009 also from The Ohio State University. Coming from a family deeply rooted in all aspects of education, Randy has always seen the value of teaching. He is very excited about this opportunity to use his veterinary degree to treat animals, but also to educate.


Julie Becker, MS
Assistant Director

Julie grew up in Marysville. She completed a bachelor's degree in animal sciences and agricultural communication at Ohio State and spent more than 10 years in Montana after completing her master's degree at Montana State. Julie enjoys "putting out fires." "I like to make sure the clients are happy so we keep them coming back," she said. She also enjoys the challenge of working with students, especially the requests that they get for internships and externships all across the country.

Brandi Maxie, RVT

Brandi started at the College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002. After spending four years as an equine intensive care technician, she transferred to the Marysville office in 2006. "I love the atmosphere here," she said. An animal lover since kindergarten, Brandi currently has four horses, one of whom is a cancer survivor.

Danielle Ventola, RVT

Danielle graduated from Ohio State with a bachelor’s degree in animal sciences while pursuing an associate’s degree in veterinary technology from Columbus State Community College. Prior to graduation, Danielle completed an internship at OSU Large Animal Services which led to her hiring in June, 2011. “I have always wanted to work with animals, especially within the large animal field,” she said.