Your Visit

Ohio State Large Animal Services in Marysville is poised to help you on the farm, as a patient in our facility, or in urgent care situations. Our ambulatory calls are supported by 5 veterinarians set up to provide you with the best possible care.  While a majority of our calls are still represented by ambulatory calls, we also now have the ability to support our cases by having them brought into our facility in Marysville.  This facility provides several advantages: a controlled environment for the patients, convenience for the owners, better working environment for the doctors and staff, and often a more economic solution.  

Each veterinarian is assisted by 1 to 3 senior veterinary students.  These students live at our facility for 2 week rotations during their fourth year of veterinary school.  We feel very fortunate to have this level of help with us at all times as they are eager to learn by seeing and doing, while always under our supervision.